Denver Marijuana Hospitality Applications

Feb 16, 2022

Three types of licenses are offered

  1. Hospitality
  2. Mobile Hospitality
  3. Hospitality and Sales

Already a leader in the cannabis growing industry, Denver is now moving forward again

The city of Denver, Colorado, is accepting marijuana hospitality applications. There are three types of hospitality licenses available.   A “hospitality license” is for only allowing patrons to consume marijuana inside your establishment. A “hospitality and sales license” allows for indoor marijuana consumption and a limited amount of indoor sales of marijuana. A “mobile hospitality license” is a license that allows for vehicles to host marijuana consumption parties on the road (party buses or tours). However, only owners who meet social equity may apply for the first six years. To meet the social equity requirement, the owner must either live in an impoverished area, be in the low-income bracket, have had a marijuana conviction, or be related to someone who has had marijuana convictions.

One of the first applicants for the marijuana hospitality license is Chris Chiari, the owner of the haunted Patterson Hotel at 420 East 11th Avenue. Chris and all other applicants must pay the required application fee of $2,000.00. When Chris Chiari receives the marijuana hospitality license for the Patterson Hotel, it would be the first hotel in Denver licensed for indoor marijuana use.

It is too early to tell if legalizing indoor consumption of marijuana in public facilities will be the next money maker. Many businesses are poised to throw in their hats to increase financial growth. Many cities, states, and marijuana growers will be watching how legalizing public indoor marijuana consumption will affect the economy and demand of growing marijuana for consumption. Marijuana hospitality licenses may open a new door for possible economic growth.

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