Spend Less. Grow More.

IQ provides the best overall value solution for LED horticultural lighting needs. IQ is not a manufacturer. IQ is a progressive, more innovative way to procure industry-leading products at the best price with the best customer service and ongoing support.

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About IQ Logo

We are built from LOGIQ... literally.

12-years ago, we set out to rethink the traditional lighting distribution model and today we are the leading Modern Supply lighting company in North America.

Our mission is simple

To be the best Project Management and Logistics company in the Lighting Industry

IQ LED Feature

Proven Growth Spectrum

We're not reinventing the wheel here. We provide an industry standard, full spectrum LED proven to grow.

IQ LED Feature 2

Max PPFD Output

We provide high performance LED lights that produce the required light to increase your yields.

IQ LED Feature 3

Plug & Play Install

From the driver to the dimming modules, our plug and play lighting systems are super simple to install.