Benefits of LED Grow Lighting for the Cut-Flower Industry

Jun 08, 2021

The US is one of the world’s largest importer of traditional cut flowers (roses, carnations, and chrysanthemums). The US imports 80% of these traditional flowers, most of them from Colombia and Ecuador.

At Michigan State University, researchers indicate that LED lighting has the ability to speed the growth of cut flower crops. The research being conducted at MSU reveals not only an increase in the speed at which cut flowers grow, but also how color spectrum application enables cut flower farmers to realize fast-growing, sustainable, and very profitable yields. The use of LED lighting also contributes to a reduction in carbon footprint.

In the US, California is the top-cut flower producer, with Florida second and Michigan third. MSU has found more cut flower greenhouses popping up in Michigan and all over the US as consumers are buying more cut flowers from local growers.

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