Pandemic Related Food Shortages Spur Vertical Farming Innovations in Europe

Jun 08, 2021

During the COVID Pandemic, European countries have experienced the uncomfortable impact of having a just-in-time food supply chain. Europe only produces 50% of the food it consumes. With COVID affecting the world, it impacted the supply of food not only to Europe but globally as well. In Bristol, UK, LettUs Grow, an aeroponic container farm manufacturer, built a LED-based vertical farm module that was up and running in April of 2020. The module was producing a harvest ten days after its commissioning. LettUS Grow created an even larger LED-based vertical farm module in June 2020 and is now testing the viability between greenhouses and vertical farming.

Both vertical and greenhouse farming are forms of controlled environment farming using LED lighting and hydroponics. This form of farming offers year-round harvests through adverse seasons and climates. It also reduces the need for pesticides and herbicides. Using LED lighting and hydroponics maximizes the use of new technology and will positively impact food production in Europe and help meet future global demand.