First Commercial Indoor Vertical Strawberry Farm

Apr 19, 2022

After a year of working together, Driscoll's, the leading consumer brand of premium strawberries, and Plenty, an indoor vertical farming creator, announced their collaboration exceeded their goals. The two companies are expanding their relationship and going to build the first indoor vertical strawberry farm.
Driscoll's has pursued to create superior flavored strawberries since 1904. Driscoll's strawberries have the best-in-class flavorful strawberries that are juicy, sweet, and aromatic.
Vertical farming indoors
Plenty's indoor vertical farming methods have created a perfect environment for plants. These high-tech vertical farms are designed to increase crop yields with efficiency. Plenty's vertical farm plan reduces climate change, provides the ideal environment, and uses less space.
The indoor vertical strawberry growing facility will be located to serve people in the Northeastern United States. The Northeastern United States consumes more berries than anywhere else in the United States. Driscoll and Plenty want to get the fresh, juicy, sweet berries in the consumer's hands faster and with less transport time, thus maximizing the flavor of each berry.

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