Indoor farming organization Bowery Farming expands significantly

Mar 30, 2022

Bowery Farming Inc., which recently expanded its growing operations into Bethlehem, PA, has announced plans to bring its "smart and scalable" indoor farming operations to Arlington, TX and Atlanta, GA.

The Bethlehem location is a retrofitted warehouse with full-spectrum LED lighting that mimics the growth-supporting properties of the sun. Using the LED full spectrum lights to grow salad greens will bring "sunshine" to the retrofitted warehouse all year. Utilizing an already existing warehouse allows Bowery to grow the salad greens vertically, saving space and enabling them to be right in the city's heart, reducing shipping costs and time.

In Atlanta, the Bowery location will feature several industry-leading developments that further automate the growing process and enhance the process efficiency. Renewable energy, water conservation, more efficient LED lighting will make the Atlanta location Bowery's most advanced farm to date.

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