Spotlight on one of Missouri’s fastest-growing marijuana facilities

Aug 30, 2021

Recently, OG Yields, a marijuana indoor growing facility, was noted as one of Missouri’s fastest-growing marijuana facilities.
OG Yields 40,000 sq. feet Missouri-based facility has state of the art engineering. It features a marijuana-specific heating, ventilation, air conditioning system, LED grow lights, a central fertigation system (watering and fertilization system), and real glass in their greenhouse instead of the usual polycarbonate glass.
Recently Missouri’s state Medical Marijuana Director Lyndall Fraker and his team or Regulators visited OG Yields. Director Lyndall Fraker was impressed by the effectiveness and overall integrity and the impact OG Yields’ had on the community.

In May 2021, Missouri surpassed 100,000 active medical marijuana patients approved to use and purchased medical marijuana. With OG Yields’ state-of-the-art facility, they produce high yield harvests all year long to help meet the medical marijuana needs of Missouri.

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