Using Hydroponic Farms to Create Food and Jobs

Aug 23, 2021

Vertical Harvest is a hydroponic farming company with two locations: Jackson, Wyoming, and Westbrook, Maine.

Vertical Harvest saw a need in two areas of our culture: growing food all year long to help meet the demand and provide jobs for the underserved population.  Vertical Harvest is changing the world one hydroponic farm at a time. They built state-of-the-art facilities with LED lighting and heating, ventilation, and cooling systems and high-tech hydroponic farming systems to provide food using only a compact footprint. Vertical Harvests’ vertical farms use 90% less land, water, and fuel to operate than a regular greenhouse.

Vertical Harvest also creates jobs locally and looks to employ the underserved population. Vertical Harvest teaches, guides, and employs over 30+  underserved individuals at their facilities, empowering a forgotten workforce.  With land scarce near cities and the underserved population available to work a hydroponic farm hiring the underserved population is a winning combination.
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