Oregon cannabis grower triples indoor facility

Aug 20, 2021
Cannabis growing has taken off for Grown Rogue International Inc, a cannabis growing company with operations and assets in Michigan and Oregon. Grown Rogue has increased their “Airport Facility” in Southern Oregon by 40%. The “Airport Facility” is now 30,000 sq ft. Grown Rogue has successful harvests from the new flower rooms, which have tripled their cannabis production to approximately 600lbs of flowers per month.
Grown Rogue’s other indoor facility, the Rossanley Facility in Southern Oregon, has had vast improvements. These improvements allow them to harvest monthly approximately 300lbs of flowers. 
Lighting is crucial in growing cannabis in both of Grown Rogue’s facilities. The Airport Facility has three flowering rooms, each with 120 grow lights. When you combine both indoor facilities that Grown Rogue owns, they have 700 grow lights and are planning on expanding and adding another 100 lights. These lights and other factors allow Grown Rogue to produce high-quality cannabis all year long.