Sumner Washington is glowing pink with DeGoede Farms' newest lettuce growing operation.

Apr 29, 2022
DeGoede Farms greenhouse uses a hydroponic system in the form of rafts that float on nutrient-rich water. The lettuce seeds are placed into holes on the rafts, and the rafts gradually make their way to the other end of the growing area as more rafts of seeds are added. When the rafts of seeds grown into plants get to the opposite end of the hydroponic growing system, they are full-grown lettuce plants, ready to be harvested.
Full-spectrum grow light colors create a pink glow
The increased speed in which the lettuce plants grow can be attributed to the nutrient-rich water and LED grow lights that automatically turn on when the sun disappears and off when it is sunny outside. The LED grow lights are a mixture of the red, white, and blue color spectrum. The red, white, and blue LED light recipe gives the Sumner Washington area its pink glow in the early mornings and early evenings. The pink glow is unmistakable when it is hazy outside and makes the clouds and sky glow pink. This color combination of the LED grow lights provides optimum lighting for the lettuce plants to grow at peak performance.